Selfless Sewing - a Minx glow in the dark bedtime t-shirt

I've been wanting to sew something for my daughter Rosie for a long time, but since she became hyper-fashionable and not interested in flowery dresses I've struggled to know what to make for her. Then I saw the Minx glow in the dark jersey on the Like Sew Amazing store (currently out of stock sorry), Rosie loves cats and had a birthday coming up so I decided to order some.

The jersey feels lovely and is easy to work with. I gave her the fabric wrapped in the lovely tissue-paper it had arrived in and told her that my idea was to make a bedtime t-shirt, she loved it and agreed that would be a good project for it.

I didn't have a children's t-shirt pattern and considered attempting to trace one of her rtw ones. However, I was worried about getting the armscye and sleeve head right so in the end I decided to hack the free Woodstock swing tee pattern from Hey June Handmade. I cut out the size that matched her measurements, then used her rtw t-sirt to straighten the sides and make it less swingy. I think it turned out really well and Rosie seems very pleased with it. :-)

The cat eyes really do glow in the dark! I couldn't work out how to take a photo but the effect is pretty impressive and certainly a winner for my make. I was worried that the glow in the dark paint would fade with washing but so far it hasn't at all (and it has had quite a few washes already!).

The t-shirt gets a big thumbs up from Rosie, so maybe there will be more selfless sewing to come,


Linda x


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