Colette Wren Dress Review - (aka secret pyjamas!)

This dress was my first venture into the world of sewing with stretch fabric. I was very nervous and did mammoth amounts of reading articles on websites before taking the plunge.

I chose this pattern after seeing Laura's Petite Passions review. I thought she looked so lovely in it! I read a lot of other reviews of the pattern and everyone seemed to say it was a straightforward sew. Some people commented that the waistline came up a bit high on them, but as I am pretty short anyway I figured it would be fine for me. Also, Laura mentioned that she didn't make any adjustments either and I figured we're probably similar height.

It then took me a long time to choose the fabric. I eventually decided on this lovely viscose jersey from Splendid Stitch. I initially sent an enquiry, explaining that I was planning to make the Wren and checking whether they thought this would be a suitable fabric. The staff there were very helpful and confirmed that the fabric had the required amount of stretch. The fabric is truly gorgeous, so soft and comfortable to wear and the design is so eye-catching without being over-the-top.

I found the pattern instructions easy to follow but I did run into difficulties with the waistline though. I struggled to get a straight waistline. Sewing the elastic onto the waist was tricky and it turned out a bit wobbly. It wasn't too bad so I thought I'd get away with it. Then, when attaching the skirt to the bodice things got even more wobbly! Unfortunately, in my naivety/inexperience/rush I did this on the overlocker so there was no turning back! So there are a few wobbles but I don't think that anyone other than me will notice them really. Lesson learnt - sew on the machine first, then overlock after checking.

I absolutely love this dress. I have worn it to barbecue parties, work, shopping, everywhere. I always get lots of compliments when I wear this. To be honest, it makes me feel like I am wearing sunshine! And it is just soooo comfortable.

If you haven't made it yet then I totally recommend this,

Ciao, Linda x