My Suki Kimono

I really enjoyed making my Suki Kimono from Helen's closet.

I chose to print the pdf at home, and whilst it was 42 pages it has the benefit of being layered so you can just print the size you want.

I chose to go for view A - the full length version - as I prefer this length on me. I made a few adjustments to allow for my lack of height. I took a bit off of the length and I also shortened the sleeve a little to keep the proportions balanced.

I found Helen's instructions and diagrams really clear and easy to follow, and she includes lots of useful beginner tips. I like that at certain stages there were options as to how to finish the seams, you either leave them exposed (which is what I did) or if you want a more professional finish you can follow the instructions to end up with hidden seams (I might try this on my next one!).

I used a lovely floral viscose from Minerva crafts for my Suki. It was the perfect fabric, just the right balance of weight and drape. I love my Suki and have worn it every morning since finishing it!

ciao, Linda x


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