Schnittchen Silvia Coatigan Review

Yay! I have made one of my #makenine2018 projects

I really liked the simplicity of the style and thought it would be great as a first coat project.

Schnittchen are a German independent pattern company and this pattern is only available as a pdf - but I tend to prefer pdf's so that was fine.

I made this coat at an evening class I attend so it was great to get some help from my teacher about how to shorten it for my 5' 1" frame. I ended up taking 15cm off the legth and 8cm off the sleeves.

I purchased the fabric from my evening class, I'm not really sure what it is, some kind of wool blend. It would be a bit itchy against the skin but I have lined it. The fabric was a bit difficult to work with, it kept trying to fray and it would have been easier if I'd had more seam allowance.

The pattern itself came with fairly minimal instructions but there is a photo tutorial which goes with the pattern here. I found this very useful, I've never made a coat before and I'm not sure the instructions would have made sense on their own. When it came to adding the lining I really struggled to understand what I should be doing, I ended up using the Grainline tutorial on how to bag a jacket lining - this was a life saver!

I am really pleased with this coat. I made it to have something to wear with jeans but I wear with with everything! It really is my 'go-to' coat at the moment. It just seems to go with everything in my wardrobe. I wear it to work, to go out with friends, to go shopping.... And I love the big pockets, I can fit my phone, keys and wallet in them comfortably so don't always need to take my handbag.

Overall, I think this is a great pattern but not for a beginner. I'd say it is advanced beginner/intermediate.

Ciao, Linda x